Learning via Adventure

Sometimes when I look at my students, I wonder what I want most for them. As teachers, we are set up to inevitably become attached to these growing humans. Of course we want the basics for them. Good health, happy days, a brain that’s hungry for learning, curiosity – the everyday goals that parents and teachers have the extraordinary mission of trying to undertake. But aside from these things, I look at them and think that more than anything; they learn to love the world. I want them to be compassionate towards all people, unafraid to get on a plane and learn about a different culture. I want them to see a long layover as an opportunity to explore. To try new foods. To see every person as a friend they haven’t met yet. I want this for them more than anything, because it’s been the biggest game-changer for me during some of the greatest transitions of my life. Adventure.

When Miss K. and I first began the process of researching the many aspects of Lion King, we were immediately fascinated with the Swahili language. In fact, this became the starting point for many of our characters and what would eventually become their persona. We wanted this show to be more meaningful than just another performance, and were really inspired by its roots and derivation. We looked into the impetus for Pride Rock – is it a place that actually exists? (It does.) Can we go there? (We can. And we are!) What are the schools like in this part of the world? Do these songs and words carry true meaning? If it weren’t for Lion King, I can honestly say we wouldn’t have sought answers to these questions and found ourselves booking two tickets to Africa.

Agape is a program that allows for us not only to do what we love, teach, but encourages this sense of adventure and sets aside time to see as much of Kenya as we can. It would be an underestimation to say how excited we are to hike and bike, explore, etc. But more than anything, we feel the most ready to better ourselves as teachers and to bring back this newfound enthusiasm to our community. I can’t wait to share this experience with our school, to instill this love for the world in our kids, and to give as much of this zeal for life to our students as we can.

Keep following along with our journey! We want more than anything to share every step of this adventure with the happiest school on Earth, and we’re so grateful to have you be a part of it.


Hakuna Matata

When Miss Bocian first came to me with the idea of a teaching experience in Africa, I was blown away. I was all in from the moment she described it. My sensible mindedness kicked in and I immediately needed to know the answers to the thousands of questions piling up in my brain (and of course, all the worries).

Before I could even begin my search for the unknowns, I knew I was going to go – that was never an uncertainty. The experience, coupled with such an amazing person, could never be passed up. I was thrilled. I was scared. I was overwhelmed.

Miss Bocian knows me well. She immediately noticed my worries, and knows I appreciate the details, so she took the time to create a ‘cheat sheet’ of basic information on the trip. (Well, actually incredibly detailed information). She outlined the company, the travel, essentially the whole experience. It was every answer to my questioning and more. It was exactly what I needed to fully commit and sign on the bottom line. She was the base when I was too excited to see the details. She was the comfort when I was scared of the unknowns. She was the calm when I was overwhelmed. This trip couldn’t happen without her, and for that I am truly grateful.

As we continue towards this journey, I could not think of a better human to be experiencing this with. We balance each other and play off each other in a way that all my questions are answered before I need to ask, and my worries are cared for. Fittingly, I can only describe the rest of this experience in two words: Hakuna Matata.

  • Miss K.