Kenya: 2 weeks!

Support us!

Just as the end of year closes in on us, summer is fast approaching and I guess that means Miss K and I are about to embark on a reaaaaaaally long flight to Kenya! We can’t believe our crazy idea has turned into a full-forced plan and that our adventure is about to commence. The support from our community has been incredibly generous, and we are truly grateful. Thank you.

With our journey beginning in a little under two weeks, we feel ready – and wanted to fill you in on some of the steps we’ve taken to ensure we include our students here, too.

  1. We’ve asked the teachers to have our kids write letters we plan to take with us, in hopes of initiating a new pen-pal program from Swain to Kenya! Swain teachers have been so receptive to the idea, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we found ourselves with a hundred letters to share with our future Kenyan students. We’ve heard that learning English is very important to them, so hopefully writing back will be beneficial and exciting.
  2. We’ve started to collect school supplies to bring along, as we understand the school(s) we will be teaching in are exceptionally low-resourced, (you can find a list of accepted supplies below), and will continue to accept donations throughout next week. We do have the option of using donation money to buy supplies while there, not only for the school, but in hopes to contribute to the local economy as well.

Outside of this, we plan to continue blogging throughout our journey, taking about 263,749 pictures, and sharing these with our Swain students at the start of the 2017-2018 school year. We’re so excited to see more of our beautiful world and share that with all of you! Keep following! We’ll see you in Kenya. 🙂

  • Miss K and Miss Bocian


Accepted Donation Items
Pencils (and sharpeners)
Colored Pencils
Pencil sharpeners
Solar calculators ​
Socks ​(​white and black)​
Footballs​ or soccer-balls ​deflated with a pump
​Stuffed animals and educational games for the younger children


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